What We Do

Haitian Culinary Alliance Global primary mission is to forge a strong and united network of culinary, food service and hospitality professionals of Haitian descent while providing educational and networking resources to our affiliates. We believe that gastronomy and hospitality are key ingredients in attracting others to get to know and appreciate our culture.

Our History

The Haitian Culinary Alliance USA was born in 2012 after a meet in Haiti during the Haiti Food & Spirits festival invited by co-founder Chef Stephan Durand. Chef Alain Lemaire, Neima Belancourt, and Chef David Destinoble during their visits to Haiti would discuss the creation of an association which would promote culinary professionals of Haitian descent and its gastronomy. All 4 chefs, alumni of Johnson & Wales University in Miami would meet again in the USA to finalize its creation.

The association was to bring culinary and hospitality professionals of Haitian descent together under one umbrella. Since its inception. It is around that time that the four would connect with many other like-minded professionals like Chef Jouvens Jean, Chef Markens Isidore, and many others to kickstart the association. In 2013 Haiti during a meeting with the Haiti Chapter, a culinary team would be formed from both Haiti and US members to participate in the Taste of the Caribbean organized by the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association. With the help of Louise John, the Haiti Team would travel to Miami and come back with a historical win with over 14 medals. Since then, the initial group has grown tremendously and now has members from Haiti, the USA, Canada, and many places around the world.

In 2017, Chef Stephan decided to rename the Haitian Culinary Alliance Global in order to better connect with everyone.  Together we continue to do our part in promoting Haiti and its gastronomy through various activities including Taste of Haiti- Miami now in its 7th edition, Taste of Haiti-Orlando, Manje Lakay cooking class in collaboration with the Haitian Embassy in Washington D.C just to name a few.

Through other collaborations and partnerships we want to create various opportunities for our members to be visible; participate and be involved in major events and also be present in the community. It was also that same year that 8 chef members of the Alliance curated by Chef Stephan would participate in a historical dinner at the James Beard House in NYC on May 18 to celebrate Haitian Heritage Month and the anniversary of Haiti’s flag.